Redefine The Model: How To Make Money In The Digital World And Master Time Management

Updated: Feb 10

Photo: Alex Green/Pexels

It still may be hard to accept, but the real world has turned digital. Since the most of the population works remotely and limited interaction is the latest norm, new adjustments call for new protocols. This especially applies to entrepreneurs and how they run their businesses.

Business owners have made drastic changes to the way they do business over the past year. Since the pandemic hit last March, consumers are making more online purchases and opting for curbside pickups and deliveries. To maintain and increase their revenue, entrepreneurs created innovative ways to cater to their customers' needs. Still, many are adjusting to this new dynamic and are still trying to find various methods to leverage their company.

Are you a business owner who is looking for ideas to take your business to the next level in the digital world? If so, check out three ways you can make money in the digital world and master your time as an online entrepreneur below:

1.Create A Website

Creating a website is the first significant step to help keep your business open. Due to restrictions set in place for social distancing and capacity, stores and restaurants have opted to use online ordering services on their websites. Try using a web development service such as or contact Kayleon Dortch Elliot, founder of By Grace Not Perfection LLC to create features for easy ordering.

2.Use E-commerce Websites or Apps

Since it may be difficult for entrepreneurs to sell their products, food or services in different stores, e-commerce websites such as and make it possible for small business owners to advertise their products through various platforms. Restaurant owners can also use the DoorDash and Grubhub app for online food ordering and delivery.

3.Utilize Service Sites

Shipping and packaging can be a hassle while working from home. That’s why service sites can be beneficial for small business owners. Entrepreneurs in the T-shirt, accessory and home goods industry can also utilize online warehouse service, Printful to print and ship their products on-demand. Those in the health and beauty industry can use blank label companies such as Avery to ship skincare products.

These tips are helpful for business owners, but what matters the most is the time management and discipline required to handle supply and demand. It's essential for every entrepreneur to develop a plan to ensure that each task is carried out efficiently so their customer can receive their package. A great approach is to plan to pack and label products on a certain day while you ship on other days. Either way, finding a plan that works for you is what matters the most as long as you stick to it. Hopefully, these tips will help you and your business thrive moving forward.

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