Meet TBON Founders, Quinton and Breonna Baker

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Photo: Quinton and Breonna Baker/Still Shot Artistry

The Black Owned Network (TBON) is on a mission to join Black-owned businesses together and help Black entrepreneurs gain access to resources in Eastern, North Carolina and beyond. 

The founders, Quinton and Breonna Baker created TBON to bring advancement to the business scene and to change the "Black Owned" narrative. The Baker’s are sharing more about their story and why they created the platform to help Black-owned businesses get the recognition they deserve. Want to learn more about what they have to say? Check out an interview with the founders below: 

Tell us how you believe that TBON will impact Black-owned businesses in Eastern NC?

The Black Owned Network will impact Black-owned businesses in Eastern, NC by creating networking opportunities and marketing strategy within the digital space. This is a platform that connects businesses to other individuals who may not have been aware of the services and products of those businesses within the community. 

Why do you think it’s important to dispel the “hustle” narrative, and instead show genuine support for Black-owned businesses?

While hustle is a good component to business, the missing element is strategy. We dispel the hustle narrative by developing a game plan to lead the black  business owner to success. 

TBON provides the resources to alleviate the headache of developing the momentum and gives the member the tools that will assist them in creating the hustle or drive that leads to profitability in their business. We must learn how to support and sustain one another by investing. Your investment waters the seeds of success to a black business owners vision. When you sow into a black owner, you reap in the harvest of a successful black owned business.

What role does TBON play in an effort to place Black-owned businesses in a positive light?

It is extremely important in this region to educate our community on how to properly market and execute their business operations. With the community being in a more agriculture based area, we have to give the black owned businesses a space to express and emerge from the concrete of complacency and competition. We have to create  lanes of opportunities.

What are the advantages of supporting and promoting Black-owned businesses?

Again because this area (Eastern NC) being based around agriculture, we use this example to really show the advantages. TBON members will be rooted in an environment where their business can receive the nutrients needed to thrive and not just survive. The advantage of supporting and promoting black owned businesses is to give life to what others may call a “dead end” case. In the black community, we find ourselves in moments of decision and disappointment. We have to decide if we want to fit in or stand out from the crowded noise of this society. We find ourselves in a place of disappointment when the goal we set is not achieved. Within TBON, we put you in a place of positivity and possibility that leads to profitability. We all want to see each other win! It's essential to support in this time. We are on the rise to greatness, We are on the rise to have the new Tulsa, OK. and having the black community thriving again. 

Why do you think it’s important for Black-owned businesses to come together and support one another overall?

It is important for Black owned businesses to come together and support one another because it is the only way we can claim our rightful place in the marketplace. We have to take a stand today so that the future black owners can have a template of success to follow. 

Overall, TBON is is making a an impact one business at a time and we want you to join our family! Do you have a Black-owned business that you want to add to our database? Click here to become a member and utilize all of the benefits TBON has to offer. We can guarantee that it’ll be worth it!

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