Being Black is BOSS: Best Opportunity To Set the Standard


Black entrepreneurs are the most uniquely, innovative creators in the business industry. Our culture, style and vibe stands out among the rest, which makes our products and services one of a kind. For years, we have learned how to profit off of our talents by producing quality goods and services. 

Black founders are taking pride in being classified as being “Black-owned,” but it’s so unfortunate that our businesses have been associated with poor customer service, unprofessionalism and more for years. We’re now setting the standard that Black-owned businesses provide superior services and quality goods. Our businesses and presentation does not fall short, and we want every Black owner to take advantage of the opportunity to set the standard to what a proficient business should look like. 

The Black Owned Network wants to dismiss that narrative one business at a time and we no longer want owners to believe it’s a "bad" title to be "Black-owned." 

The rise in the support of the of Black-owned has been overwhelming positive amid the nation’s current climate. Due to systemic racism and unjust treatment towards our people, Black Americans have come together to support one another in a plethora of ways and we want to keep the momentum going. In an effort to buy Black, The Black Owned Network’s goal is to ensure all consumers commit to have a Black-owned product in every room of their home, no matter if it’s a body scrub, candle or a piece of clothing. Let’s do our part to set the standard.

We want everyone to know that Being Black is BOSS: The Best Opportunity to Set the Standard, and we're here to change the "Black-owned" narrative to help bring advancement to the business scene. 

Are you a business owner who is ready to take it to the next level? If so, what are you waiting for? Time to BOSS up with TBON. Register your business here.

This blog post was written by Brianna Rhodes, the founder of the writing and editing platform, Brianna Rhodes Writes. To learn more about her services, please visit here.